Walter Tevis

Walter Tevis

Dating Expert

Walter Tevis is a famous writer whose work has been recognized by a slew of world-known magazines, and whose novels and short stories have been translated into several languages. He studied at the University of Kentucky and received B.A. and M.A. degrees in English Literature. Walter taught English Literature and Creative Writing to the students, being a distinguished professor. 

This extraordinary man joined our team when he understood that his knowledge and life experiences could help others understand themselves and the people around them. His articles focus on relationships between people and explain that people from different countries can build happy relationships, even though it might seem too challenging.

One of the things we love about Walter is his serious approach to work because he always makes sure to do research and add numbers to his articles to help the readers understand the actual situation. His writing manner is confident yet engaging and catchy. You can be sure that his articles will help you learn about the approaches that can increase your chances of finding a mail order bride who’ll perfectly match your preferences. So, if you’ve wanted to learn more about the peculiarities of girls from different countries, Walter’s articles will surely be useful!

Articles Written By Walter Tevis

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